How Do We Produce Our Products?

Step 1

Cropland to Table

Step 2

We Produce Controlled Products

Step 3

We Produce Healthy Products

Step 4

We Produce Organic Products

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Food Safety From Cropland to Table.

With 20 years of experience and knowledge, we package the ever freshest and healthiest products in hygienic conditions and offer to you from nature with the understanding of “human comes first”.


Why should you choose us?

Organic, Fresh, Natural, Delicious

We grow Happiness and Health;

As Zemzemliler, our goal is to protect environment, plant, animal and human health without polluting the air, and land and water resources, More broadly, this is the product of a collective philosophy, a lifestyle, which aims to protect the environment, gives what it takes from nature back to nature, aims to ensure the sustainability of agriculture, and even started to protect the interest of its employees.

Organic products do not disturb the natural balance of the body, give vitality, and derived from completely organic plants in nature, and do not contain any impure and unnatural substances.

Controlled Products


During the harvest, pesticide residues analysis is performed. Cleaning and hygiene rules are complied with in harvest time.

Each production stage recorded from field to shelf is audited and certified by the competent authorities.

For you to consume healthy products!

We produce for you;

We want to bring healthy, delicious, and natural products to all over Turkey!

Good Agriculture, Good Future

Our production stages;

Recorded seedlings are planted in the analysed land. A sufficient amount of prescription agricultural is sprayed only when necessary, under the control of Agricultural Engineers.

Licensed fertilizers are used as much as needed. Water to be used in production is analysed, and is used as much as the plant needs.

Product Types Produced by our Company

Citrus Products

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Fruit Products

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Vegetable Products

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